European good practices in friendliness

November 13th from 8:30 to 13:30

Kursaal Congress Centre. Donostia-San Sebastián



In an age-friendly city, policies, services,
environments and structures support and facilitate
the active ageing of people.
(OMS, 2002)


Euskadi Lagunkoia”  is a project of the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government in collaboration with Matia Instituto, which is aimed at promoting participation of citizens as well as the public, private and social sector to develop a movement to foster age-friendly living environments. This initiative is based on the “Age-friendly Environments Programme” promoted by the World Health Organisation.

At the present time more than 60 cities and towns throughout the Basque Country are members of this Network and more than 800 are in the world Network of the WHO.

The III Conference “Good European Age-Friendliness Practices” is part of this project. 

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Who it is aimed at

  • People involved in friendliness projects in different towns and cities.
  • Associations and NGOs that work towards improving the quality of life and common good.
  • Professionals and experts in the field of ageing, town-planning and social innovation.
  • Public policy-planners and -makers.
  • Citizens in general.

What objectives does it aim to achieve?

  • Reflect on the challenges and needs of towns, villages and cities in adapting to the ageing process.
  • Share innovative and creative experiences in the framework of friendliness undertaken in other countries and cities.
  • Learn how different practices have developed and their possibilities of replicability in the Basque context.
  • Disseminate Good Practices collected in the Good Practices Bank of Euskadi Lagunkoia.
  • Showcase good practices developed by entities in the Basque country that stand out for their innovation and efficiency in terms of friendliness.


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